Monday, November 24, 2008

Add Your Community Activities and Events to Our Calendar

We cordially invite you submit your events for posting on the Enjoy Bellevue Community Calendar.
All events and activities open to the general public, including celebrations, parades, social events, special merchant and business inspired activities, government, municipal, and organizational meetings originating or occuring in the areas surrounding Bellevue, PA are welcome. Scroll down to view the current calendar. Please e-mail to add your event or activity to our community calendar.

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Anonymous said...

Bellevue is a town with great potential - Michelle Smith web master of this great sight has worked very hard to help our little town promote its quaint- charming qualities... she should be commended by all... If you live here and own a home - you realize that you have a gem in the rough - with the cost of fuel and food and all the creature comforts becoming a bit more on the edge - a walking town is a marginal bonanza... With fine food and coffee shops and floral shops and artists & antiques and boutiques who could ask for more! The only thing I believe would help grow the town into the next millenium is an evening shopping experience and community action groups... I know we can make our town a destination for all to see a minny Shadyside so to speak... If you have any ideas to share please share on this blog sight... Thanks again Michelle for your photographs of "Light Up Night" and your positive effect you have creating changing the design of our times into a new beginning so that we can look into the future of change and growth... bless you all who reside in our town as I do --- I am a shop owner and citizen who deeply cares about this town --- Best wishes for a lovely blessed holiday season - Deb of Studio S