Sunday, February 22, 2009

To Drink or not to Drink! Is that really the Question?

Bellevue is at a crossroads. A dry town since prohibition, organizers are petitioning for change. Think about it! What does it mean when you "go out for the evening?" What do you do? Where do you go? Describe a typical "night out." What would make Bellevue your "destination place" to enjoy an evening out? What are your thoughts? While you ponder your answer, would you please take a minute to respond to our polls found below the Enjoy Bellevue Photo Journal!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Way to Go Steelers! Way to Go!

The Steeler Nation is proud of the Pittsburgh Steelers! The 27-24 victory over the Cardinals makes it a "six-pack" for the Hometown team! An historic event! At the beginning of the season, every team had an opportunity to get into the big game. Strategy, hard work and the determination of the coaches and players along the way, narrowed the field. Ultimately, only two teams would square-off for the coveted Lombardy trophy. Fans the world over created an unforgettable fervor for this Super Bowl XLIII game! Although, the football season has come to an end, the anticipation for next year is alive!

So it is with our own lives! We are all in the game! We all play to win! On February 1, 2009, Bellevue Christian Church "gets into the game with Super Bowl Sunday," an annual tradition of this Bellevue ministry. Many thanks to the "Tribune-Review" and reporter, Craig Smith and photographer Sidney Davis, for their coverage of this event!