Sunday, December 14, 2008

Believe in Bellevue

A Brand New Bellevue is on the horizon! The Bellevue Borough Hall was the location for a Strategic Planning session beginning at 8am on December 13, 2008. The brainstorming frenzy, moderated by Peter C Johnson, MD, who at the request of Kathy Coder, actively engaged Jerry Walter, Connie Flasher, Michele Smith, John Rusnak, Sharon Helfrich, George Doscher, Matt Sentner, Mike Lutz, Lisa Blaney Stewart, Glenn Pritchard, Steve Mosolansky, Jeff Wissner, Rich Kozak, Ron Coder, Dave Price and David Gillingham, Jr, assembled to formulate specific core categories to support a 5 year plan for community development. Committees will refine and prioritize ideas to advance The Mission- By 2014 Bellevue will leverage its unique small-town ambiance and city proximity by bridging tradition and progressiveness to be the community of choice in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. This strategy of a new plan coupled with BIG (Bellevue Initiative for Growth) promises "the best in the 'Burgh - Bellevue." Believe in Bellevue! Show your support, get involved!

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Enjoy Bellevue said...

Today was a great day! Deserving of our gratitude, a very special thank-you to Dr. Johnson for his expert facilitation in the development of an essential new Strategic Plan for Bellevue, to Kathy and Ron Coder who generously provided the nourishment to assist with the functioning of the gray matter and to all of the participants whose thoughtful and intuitive insights forged the basic building blocks to create the new Bellevue. This core group, working together with the community will certainly have an impact enabling "the light on the hill" to shine brightly as we bring the plan to fruition.