Sunday, February 22, 2009

To Drink or not to Drink! Is that really the Question?

Bellevue is at a crossroads. A dry town since prohibition, organizers are petitioning for change. Think about it! What does it mean when you "go out for the evening?" What do you do? Where do you go? Describe a typical "night out." What would make Bellevue your "destination place" to enjoy an evening out? What are your thoughts? While you ponder your answer, would you please take a minute to respond to our polls found below the Enjoy Bellevue Photo Journal!

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Nick said...

My wife and I sing with the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, and we just got done with a series of performances of "Carmina Burana". One of my favorite sections is the song "In Taberna" in which a chorus of drunken monks recite a litany of all the people who like to drink - which ends up including pretty much everyone - and then decry the hypocrisy of those who turn around and condemn drinking.

While I am just as concerned as the next Bellevue resident about the prospects of our streets being taken over by drunken medieval monks, I am confident that in our more enlightened era we as a community and as individuals can be trusted to maintain a healthier relationship with our alcohol and our drinking establishments than did the chorus of "In Taberna".

At 10:00 PM after a performance or a rehearsal and a full day of work my wife and don't always want to cook and sometimes want a drink and a relaxed place where we can sit and talk and not think about doing the laundry. We haven't found anywhere between the overpriced restaurants downtown and Eat and Park on Rt 65 that is open that late, and nowhere this side of Oakland that serves both alcohol and food. We end up driving 20 minutes out of our way to a place we know in our old neighborhood.

We would much rather patronize a restaurant right here in Bellevue, and alcohol is important for a business like that for several reasons. First, we like to drink it and it gets us in the door. Second, alcohol sales can be profitable enough to subsidize keeping the lights on and the doors open after dinner time. Thirdly, the age restriction results in a slightly more relaxed environment (sorry teens, nothing personal - I know you guys need a place too, but you probably wouldn't want me hanging out there anyway).

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I'll just say that I look forward to the chance to vote in favor of the referendum.