Saturday, June 6, 2009

Re: What would you do to revitalize the business district in Bellevue?

By Enjoy Bellevue in North Communities

Thirty years ago the world was a different place. The malls, development of the big box stores, new roads and urban sprawl resulted in people moving away from urban centers. Bellevue is one of those communities caught in the fray. Recently, innovative leaders in the community have worked tirelessly to promote our small town for the bountiful amenities.

Here is what you have been missing! Starting in December 2007, a whole host of events began happening in Bellevue! December 28th was the first Art/Wine crawl involving a number of businesses featuring artists whose work was on display! February 9,2008 featured "An Evening in Bellevue" which showcased restaurants and shops alike, followed by Denny Voluptuous LIVE at Club Perqe'. On March 1, BB Holiday Revue was showcased at Club Perqe' and on March 16, "An Afternoon in Bellevue" was followed by Fusion Street at Club Perqe'. April 11th saw Felonious Denmark, also in April, poetry recitations, and freestyle jazz again at Club Perqe'. On May 24, "Save the Murphy Building" was a fabulous Art/Wine Crawl which attracted people from all over the region. The night of festivities concluded with "Pittsburgh's Neil Diamond" in concert on the 2nd floor of the Murphy Building. July 13 featured the "Down and Derby" event which lasted until 4am, Steven E Adams, renowned acoustical guitarist has performed, and four full days of events billed as the Summer Solstice Spectacular On June 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2008 were sponsored by the friends of In particular, if you missed the Restaurant Pairings on June 19, you missed the good food, wine, and spirit of community which blossomed. June 22 was the pampered pooch promenade, another event, this which brought animal lovers together and generated funds for the worthy rescue group of Spencer and friends. June 27 was the 3rd anniversary party for Matthews Arts, and The North Boroughs Independence Day Celebration was June 28 with the rain date of July 6. Another Art/Wine crawl was in July as was another Club Perqe' event. Sidewalk Sale happened on July 17, 18, and 19th. The Halloween parade and the Haggis Hunt followed and in December 2008 the Borough of Bellevue embarked on the 5-year strategic plan.

On May 17, 2009, Classic Chevrolet co-sponsored the first ever Classic Car Cruise showcasing 200 classic, vintage, muscle cars and show bikes for a full-fledged main street event. The teeming with activities and events for children of all ages is happening June 18 through June 21.

This Borough of Bellevue really is the next happening thing, a diamond in the rough getting on her polish. In fact, all roads lead to Bellevue, just 6 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, accessible from SR279, SR79, SR65, California Avenues, Bellevue Road, Center Avenue. Bellevue is just 20 minutes from everywhere! The "decline" was years in the making, change is apparent and Bellevue is making a comeback. Come and Enjoy Bellevue and experience the next best thing. Check it out at

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