Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The 2010 WWII Memorial Calendar

The 2010 WWII Memorial Calendar is dedicated to the Veterans and Citizens from Southwestern PA. -Duty-Honor-Country-Service-Gratitiude. Matthews Arts, 12 N Balph Ave, Bellevue, PA is the North Hills location for the distribution and sale of this memorable piece. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar, comprised of submitted photos of many of the WWII soldiers from Southwestern PA, priced at $10.00, will be used to construct the Pittsburgh memorial. The triangular plot of land selected for the memorial, known as the Bosque, sits at the top of the Great Lawn of the North Shore Riverfront Park. Widely acclaimed as the "Greatest Generation," those who dutifully served our country during WWII are deserving of a rememberance of their service with the construction of this memorial. Visit Southwestern PA WWII Memorial for more information.

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