Monday, December 6, 2010

Create a joyful and pleasant experience in the main business district | Pepsi Refresh Everything

Imagine the possibilities! The Classic Car Cruise is in full swing and the do-wop music is playing in the background, audible all along Lincoln Avenue.

Raffle tickets winners are thrilled to hear their name broadcast over the speaker system. The wandering kids are instantly reunited with their parents.

In case you're wondering, my name is Michele. I'm the one on the right with Jim Viscuisi, at the South gate of the 2010 Classic Car Cruise sponsored by Classic Chevrolet.

I am the administrator for Enjoy Bellevue, the creative community collaborative, founded in 2008, for the purpose of connecting you with your community. We submitted this grant application to Pepsi Refresh to obtain $25K to restore and expand the now defunct speaker system on Lincoln Avenue. The intent is to make it available to community groups and organizations for broadcasting during activites and events in Bellevue. The base equipment is to be located in the Borough Hall.

Think of it! Music and announcements able to be heard throughout the business district during the Classic Car Cruise, the Summer Solstice Spectacular, the 5K Walk/Run Race and the annual Sidewalk Sales and "Here Comes Santa Clause" as the jolly old elf rides in for the Bellevue Holidays Celebration!

The grant depends on you! Voting determines who receives the support from Pepsi. A few minutes of your time is needed to make this dream a reality! Text* 104353 to Pepsi (73774) *Standard text messaging rates apply or sign-up online for this valuable community benefit. Together we can do it!

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