Sunday, March 15, 2009

BIG is Growing Bigger!

BIG, the Bellevue Initiative for Growth is growing! The North Boroughs Initiative for Growth (NBIG) encompasses areas beyond the boundaries of Bellevue to include Avalon and Ben Avon. This expansion relates to the Tri-Borough Comprehensive Plan and the Tri-Borough Zoning Ordinance poised for adoption by the three Boroughs.

BIG, established as an ad-hoc committee by the Borough of Bellevue Council, will continue with regular meetings of the Events, Marketing and Business Development Committees to further the goals of the "best in the Burgh" Bellevue.

The expanded initiative suggests a need to create a new committee to focus on NBIG. Success requires volunteer representatives from the named Boroughs. Are you able to contibute to the bigger plan? Say yes and volunteer your time and talent to the growth and development of the North Boroughs! Email to be included in this remarkable journey of growth and renewal! Be sure to include GROWTH in the subject line.

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